Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Sunshine Inspirations

Yesterday proved to be one of those glorious sunny mornings that made me come alive with all kinds of inspirational musings. I also had the luxury of having four days off from my regular work week. My morning started before the sun came up 'cause that's just how this girl rolls on a perfect day off. No siree! No sleeping in when there is a list of TO DO's to get started on.

First of all, I had to whip up a batch of cupcakes to bring to church. Our high school graduates were being honored and that meant an after-service meal.
Cupcakes were pretty quick and easy to make before the rest of the family got up. And who could resist breakfast cupcakes!

Especially when accompanied by beautiful peonies.

 Nothing better than to sit outside on a lovely morning than with a cup of coffee, enjoying the view of the ranch lands, and thinking of all of the possibilities that the day could bring.

And by the way, we did not have cupcakes for breakfast. But, I did have fun dressing up the little bistro set with the bicycle tea towel and matching mugs.

And what else could add to the joys of the morning than "drive by" deer out for an early stroll along with the joggers, walkers, and cyclists.
And then they were on their way, stopping here and there to nibble a little greenery in the neighbor's front yard.
Tomorrow I'll be sharing a few of my knock-'em-off- my-big-fat-TO-DO list. Here's a sneak preview of one of my many quickie yard art pieces.
Hope your Sunday was sunny and relaxing, too!


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