Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet Petal

Where, oh where have I been, you say? Well, I've been on a mission....

Down the highway. Miles and miles from home.

In search of perfection. Only to return back home again. But alas...I found her!
Meet "Petal" 
She's my dream girl. The one I've been searching for and she's all mine!
And she's a lovely PINK!
 She's as pretty as a softly fading cherry blossom, but don't let that fool you. She's as tough as a Roller Derby Queen!!
 And of course, as the name implies, she's SPECIALIZED!!
To welcome her to her new home my middle daughter showered her with accessories...a beautiful new wicker basket from Nantucket Bike Basket Company...all pretty and curvy just like "Petal" is.
 And you know I couldn't stop at that, oh no, never.
She now has a lovely custom made basket liner to enhance her shapely curves!
Nothing but the best for "Petal". Not only is the liner coordinated to her beautiful PINK frame in mix and matched fun fabrics, but there are custom features as well.
Interior pockets for cell phone and sunglasses...
with a cute little birdie...
key chain...
and handles so that when we go to the Farmer's Market, we have a portable tote to haul the goods!!
and let's not forget a girl's got to have bling...
Fun bunting flags to flap in the breeze.

Welcome dear "Petal". I love you so!
 Now, if only the rain would stop we could set off for great adventures (and misadventures) down the road of carefree bliss!!!