Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rapid Fire DIY Projects Part 2.

Here's part 2 of the Rapid Fire DIY Projects that I mentioned on yesterday's post. Today I am featuring the remaining quickie projects that I had been working on while I enjoyed the rare 4 in a row days off from my awesome job at the floral shop.
Project #4
While poking around at one of the local antique shops, I found this gem out in the backyard.
 And as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I say, she's a beaut! So she came home with me.
 I couldn't resist that perfect chippy, weathered old window in all that yummy shade of robin's egg blue.
 I gave it a good scrubbing and found it a new home.
 I just propped it up against the brick at the front of the house and called it DONE!! It will have to come inside for the winter, but for now, that's where it will stay while the ivy twines itself around it.
It makes a pretty and reflective background for the things surrounding it. And it makes me smile!!
Project #5
Since shiny silver isn't my thing, I decided to change things up with a blast of spray paint.
I've had these two lanterns sitting inside my front door for a couple of years. The interiors get changed up with the seasons and not necessarily with candles in them, but with seasonal vignettes. The lantern on the left is from Ikea. The lantern on the right literally "fell" into my hands at work. It had been suspended from the tall ceiling and hovering above a dining table with a lovely tabletop display. When one of the display persons went to take it down, it came crashing down onto the table, breaking dishes and two of the glass panels in the lantern. It also tweaked the door that opens to the inside of the lantern. Very sad:(   The display person cleaned up the mess and proceeded to throw the lantern in the trash. WHAT??? "Are you going to throw that out? Can I have it?" I asked sheepishly.
"Sure, but it's a wreck"
"I'll take it"
Happy Dance! Happy Dance!
And here's what it looks like now, after I took the pliers to it, fixed the skewed door, and gave it a shot of oil rubbed bronze spray paint....
I still need to take the two broken glass pieces to the glass shop and have new pieces cut, but for now I think were good. I'll set them at the outside of the front door now and be looking for a small vintage bench or table to put them on. FIY, the bigger of the two lanterns is over 24" tall. I love them!
Project #6
Okay, this next project had to be pretty darn quick cause the ol' thunder clouds were rolling in which is a pretty common occurrence from around 5 o'clock on in this part of the world. ONWARD!

Behold, the crate.
Now transformed into this...

Multi tasking as a serving tray or whatever. That's the magic of paint..a white wash of white with a smudging of pale turquoise, ah....
A very pretty way to tote everything outside to watch the thunder clouds brewing.

And a fast way to scurry back inside when those clouds let loose!
I've got a few more Rapid Fire projects waiting inside just for these balmy, but stormy evenings...
...So, let the lightning begin!!

What's on your Rapid Fire Projects list?
Do you wait for the perfect day off like I do?,
or do you make the most of every day and just dive in?

Happy Rapid Firing


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  1. Love that crate! Know where I can find that adorable blue print inside the crate?