Sunday, March 17, 2013

Occupational Hazards

Oh, yes, there are occupational hazards pertaining to my day job. Who would have thought that my employment in this trade 
 would result in stress?

Well, most days are very pleasant, I must say, and I enjoy the surroundings and all the wonderful customers we serve. But, then certain events come around in the calendar year that ramp up all kinds of interesting DRAMA!!

 The Prom

I really don't have anything against these events or the kids for that matter After all, I have 5 of mine own (kids, that is), but it can be very intense in a floral business when the local and neighboring high schools hold their Proms all on the same evening. That would be seven schools in our surrounding area. Of course, that puts a lot of pressure on the formal wear shops, the restaurants, the limo rentals, and other related businesses that cater to this kind of venue.

As of Friday morning we had over 900 coursages and boutonnieres ordered for the dances with more to come all day Friday and Saturday, right up to the last minute to rescue those panic stricken "my son forgot to get a corsage for his date" parents. 

I give high praises to all of the proven systems, the extreme organization, all of the amazing talented designers and salespeople we have in our business. The team work is OUTSTANDING!! And the product is beautiful!  
 Yes, it can be somewhat stressful and definitely fast-paced when these occasions roll around, but it is also SO MUCH FUN! The kids are adorable, and for the most part, polite and patient when they rush in all excited to pick up their custom made floral designs.

And then, it's over...back to the typical daily routine of selling God's perfect master piece, the lovely FLOWER. 

Wishing you a very beautiful and restful

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  1. And what a lovely post! Between the lilies and the "special events" you sure could get your panties in a bunch! But sounds like you stick to the old motto... Keep calm and carry on. :)
    Happy posting!
    ~ LivingKaleidoscope