Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A One-Toe-In-The-Water Moment

This may just be the crossing over point for me. The one-toe-in-the-water moment. The you-just-gotta-get-out-there-and-do-it push. The get-your-big-girl-panties-on, be brave, stop the procrastination train and welcome any who come by to visit the world of The  Morning Stitch!  Readers beware: this is on the job training for me. I'll start by giving you a little glimpse of what makes up my small footprint.

This is what makes me do the happy dance in my soul: Impulse road trips, my grandson's dimple, breve lattes, Dovey's nest outside my kitchen window, knowing the saving grace of my King, The Coffee House station on Sirius XM radio, yards o'delicious yarn!, stacks o'fabulous fabric!, my hero husband, the quiet moments of daybreak, my 5 beautiful God-given gifts, dreaming of the ultimate vintage farmhouse, playing with flowers everyday and calling it work, drawing inspiration from courageous female entrepreneurs, and amazing myself with all of the COLORS and JOY of everyday living.

 I humbly invite you to come along with me and be inspired by the daily wonders of this awesome creation we've been given.

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